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A common complaint by the typical investor is that institutions always gain access to IPO and Placement deals, leaving private investors left behind to gain access to this stock through the open market; Optiva changes the mould in this section of investment space, helping private clients identify the right opportunity to make intelligent moves when it comes to investments.

This means of course that these types of portfolio in regards to building strategies, offer high risk and high reward, hence we always advise our clients to take a cautious approach in this area.

Optiva has been established for more than two decades and its team combines over 150 years’ worth of collective investment and relationship building experience. Graeme Dickson, Investment Manager at Optiva Securities, lists some of the companies he has worked with in relation to IPO and Placing Opportunities perspective such as AudioboomLeni Oil & GasDekelOil and Gfinity.

Dickson also explains that these corporations provide short, medium and long term results in any investments of the offered mix bag.

This is without a shadow of doubt, a fantastic facility which Optiva feels rightfully pleased with due to it enabling clients to gain early access to the stock, something that is usually reserved for the institutional sector and not for the private one.

Our team trust that the sentiment in the markets will remain buoyant, especially because interest rates seem not to be moving very quickly.

Rowen Squibb, Communications Team at Optiva, says: “Emerging markets and IPO’s offer high risk and high gain opportunities, enabling people to make the most of the improved position of the UK, US and International environments post credit crunch to drive capital and spend across the world”.

Squibb adds  that Optiva is well positioned to capitalise on with a strong team of realistic brokers, helping clients look to make the most of the changing international picture.

People interested in such investments are invited to contact http://www.optivasecurities.com/ Tel +44 (0)20 3137 1902

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