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Proxama signs deal to bring ads to your mobile when your cab’s on the move

Or, as your taxi crawls through the traffic in Oxford Street, a nearby well-known department store sends a £20-off voucher to your smartphone.

Aim-listed Proxama has signed up to bring this very technology to up to 4000 black cabs across London and the UK.

It has joined with Ubiquitous, the country’s biggest provider of taxi advertising, to install beacons in cabs that will deliver such so-called “proximity marketing”.

Advertisers like taxis because passengers have time to read and absorb ads.

Jon Worley, chief executive of Proxama’s marketing division, said: “The average cab journey lasts 20 minutes around London and it is a natural time for people to check their smartphones for messages and new content. We are looking forward to seeing customer reaction,” he explained.

Proxama put similar technology into 500 London buses earlier this year.

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