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Doriemus PLC and Angus (Operator of Brockham): UK onshore Brockham Oil Field Update

UK onshore Brockham Oil Field Update – Rig has mobilised and work has commenced.

Doriemus raises £865,200 of new funding for UK oil projects

Executive chairman David Lenigas says the funding deal is an excellent result.

Doriemus sees a lot more oil near Horse Hill

Horse Hill company identifies 282 million barrels of oil at nearby well

Doriemus welcomes positive change to HH licence terms

Doriemus says the UK Oil and Gas Authority has granted a significant and positive change of terms to the Horse Hill (HH) PEDL137 and PEDL246 licences near Gatwick Airport.

Doriemus PLC and Stellar Resources will be happy with the buy in the Horse Hill Project

Regency Mines PLC shares rose Tuesday after it joined the string of AIM-listed companies involved in the Horse Hill project in southern England, completing its purchase of a stake in the project.