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Successful perforations increase production from well C-21 in Azerbaijan

Zenith Energy Ltd. ("Zenith" or the "Company") (LSEZENTSX.VZEE), the dual listed international oil & gas production company operating the largest onshore oilfield in Azerbaijan, is pleased to announce a further update on the successful perforation of new, unexploited  pay zones in well C-21.

Well C-21 in the Jafarli field is now flowing at an increased rate of 35 BOPD following the identification of an additional 7.8 metres of unexploited pay zones that have been perforated between the depths of 3429-3431.8, 3611.5-3615.5 and 3637-3638 metres in the Middle Eocene geological structure.

The Company announced on October 6, 2017 that production from well C-21, which was previously non-producing, had been restored at a rate of 15 BOPD following the successful perforation of 7.1 metres of unexploited pay zones between the depths of 3706-3708.5, 3862-3863, 3865-3867 and 3869.6-3871.2 metres.

These perforations were undertaken after examining well data obtained by utilising innovative quad neutron logging technology. As announced by the Company on October 6, 2017, this technology had never been employed previously in its Azerbaijan operations.

Zenith's operational team now intends to install an electric submersible pump (ESP) to draw down the formation pressure with the objective of further increasing oil production from well C-21. 


High-impact workover of well Z-28

The Company confirms that the workover of well Z-28 in the Zardab field began on October 7, 2017.  The Company's operational team expects the workover of well Z-28 to be completed by mid-November 2017.


Mike Palmer, Chief Operating Officer, Zenith Aran, the Company's Azerbaijan-based fully owned subsidiary, commented:

"We are starting to build momentum and our systematic field rehabilitation activities are progressively delivering positive outcomes. This is the gradual result of the new technologies we are employing in our operations, as well as the strengthening of our operational skillset and understanding of the field's geology.

What is most encouraging is the fact that there are a significant number of wells across the field, which are either significantly underperforming or non-producing, where similar results to those achieved at wells C-21 and C-26 can be replicated successfully with very contained operational outlays.   

I am very excited about our journey ahead."

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