The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a series of tax reliefs designed to encourage investments in small unquoted companies carrying out trade in the UK. The EIS offers both income tax and capital gains tax reliefs to investors who subscribe for shares in qualifying companies.


Qualification Criteria:

The company

  • The company must not have assets greater than ¬£15 million
  • All capital employed must be actively engaged in the company within 24 months
  • The company must not be in specific industries
  • Entry into the scheme is subject to a decision and audit made by an appointed tax officer
  • The company must not be listed or have any intention of becoming listed at the time of the investment


The individual

  • The investor may not have more than a 30% interest in the company
  • No partner or associate of the investor (including spouse, relations, prior business contacts) may have other interests in the company
  • The investor must not have any form of preferential shares
  • The investor must not have any other form of controlling interest in the company
  • This scheme must not be used for the purposes of evading tax


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