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Optiva’s Discretionary Fund Management service is suitable for investors who may not have the time or the experience to manage an investment portfolio on a day to day basis. Our team are Chartered FCSIs with a combined experience of over 80 years.

It’s All About You
Your investment goals are unique and are likely to change at different stages in your life. We can adapt your portfolio to reflect changes in your financial requirements for Income, Growth or a combination for both. You also may have ethical restrictions you wish to apply.

How Does it Work?
Giving discretion to our Wealth Managers over your investments means that day-to-day decisions on what to buy or sell and when to act are made by your Investment Manager. This allows you to go about your daily life, safe in the knowledge that your financial future is being overseen by our investment professionals.

You will have a personal relationship with one of our Investment Managers to ensure that your portfolio is managed to your own individual requirements. This will be designed according to your investment objectives and with consideration to your tolerance to risk, income/capital growth requirements and personal tax planning.

Wealth Management team

Investment Process

We recognise the importance of asset allocation, in various sectors, companies, funds giving a spread of risk. We will agree a suitable benchmark to track the performance of your portfolio. The Optiva DFM team is mindful of asset allocation with a bottom up approach. Focusing primarily on the companies we invest whether through equity, fixed income or funds.

Tax and Ethical investing Planning
For investors with Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Inheritance Tax (IHT) considerations using a personalised approach to your discretionary portfolio will ensure the tax position on your portfolio is taken into consideration. We will use ISAs, Offshore Bonds and SIPPs where appropriate, to legitimately mitigate tax.

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