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Eurasia Mining Plc: AGM Update and Shareholder Questions
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2021 Annual General Meeting (“AGM” or the “Meeting”) – 28 June 2021

Please note, that in light of updates to UK wide public health guidance, general attendance at the 2021 Eurasia Mining AGM will not be permitted. The Meeting will follow the format of the previous AGM, with no business to be conducted other than to deal with voting on the resolutions put to the Meeting. Shareholders have been encouraged to submit their votes electronically or by post in advance of the Meeting and a set of Questions and Answers has now been published at, in response to emails received from shareholders in recent weeks. No general virtual access to the Meeting will be provided in this instance. Further information may be found at the following company web page:

Thanks to all our shareholders who have already voted on resolutions to be put to the Meeting on 28 June. Voting closes on Thursday 24 June 2021 and each vote counts. Please see our website:

For information on voting from a Nominee account and also a useful table provided at the Association of Investment Companies website:

Shareholder Question and Answers

Regarding the most common questions received from our shareholders to put to the Board at the AGM:

Q1: Why is the company seeking further authority, given a large fundraising has just been undertaken?

It would be quite unusual to not seek authority and these resolutions are put to shareholders at every AGM. The Board considers the Company very well-funded and does not currently have specific intentions for a further fundraising, however, the Board asks that its members make that option available, for example, in case the Rosgeo Joint Venture development this year results in proving a resource higher than already released (104.6Moz Pt eq) and only if further funding will add value to Eurasia taking into account the implications of shareholder dilution, which the Board and management prefer to limit, being collectively the largest shareholders in Eurasia Mining.



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