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East Imperial, the global purveyor of ultra-premium beverages, is pleased to provide its first update on trading since becoming a business listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange on 19 July 2021.

We have continued to see strong growth throughout this year with revenues up 60% during the first half compared with the comparable period last year. This has been driven by a combination of higher sales in venues which have been allowed to open up again with fewer or no COVID-19 restrictions, as well as additional supply agreements with new hotels, restaurants and retail chains.

This momentum has continued into the second half where there has been a strong return to demand in some key markets, namely New Zealand, Europe and the US. In Asia, there are pockets of demand returning although a number of COVID-19 restrictions remain in key territories and in travel hubs such as Singapore. New Zealand remains robust in multiple channels as it enters the warmer months.


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