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Roquefort Therapeutics (LSE:ROQ), the Main Market listed biotech company focused on developing first in class medicines in the high value and high growth oncology market is pleased to announce the successful filing of the international phase PCT (Patent Treaty Cooperation) patent for its proprietary anti-cancer mRNA and RNA oligonucleotide therapeutics.


Today’s announcement follows the development of the Company’s novel anti-cancer RNA oligonucleotide and mRNA therapeutics targeting Midkine (“MDK”) announced on 13 and 22 June 2023, which are undergoing in vitro and in vivo studies at the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales. The studies demonstrated efficacy with the Company’s MDK RNA Oligonucleotides and mRNA in validated in vitro models of breast and liver cancer.


The PCT patent, governed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), once approved, provides patent protection for the invention in more than 155 countries[1]. The filing consolidates and enhances the Company’s intellectual property portfolio and leadership position in Midkine with composition of matter and methods for the protection for both mRNA and RNA oligonucleotide modalities. While the mRNA and RNA oligonucleotides target different regions of the Midkine, both have demonstrated anti-cancer efficacy in vitro.[2]


The MDK RNA oligonucleotide and mRNA programs have now progressed into combinations studies with a proprietary targeted nano-particle delivery technology and are scheduled to progress into in vivo studies in Q4 2023.


Ajan Reginald, Chief Executive Officer of Roquefort Therapeutics, said:

“mRNA technology promises to revolutionize future treatments for cancer (AAMC[3]) and as such we are delighted that we are part of this cutting-edge field to treat the hardest-to-treat cancers. Both the mRNA and RNA oligonucleotides attack the novel Midkine target, in which the Company are pioneers. Midkine expression is highly associated with cancer progression and poor survival.


As we’ve recently seen with the validation of STAT-6 (through a $Billion licensing deal), we believe Midkine will become a highly attractive, validated target and we will be uniquely positioned with a portfolio of patented antibody, mRNA and RNA oligonucleotide medicines. Therefore our focus is continue to deliver on R&D and commercial milestones that highlight the significant potential of Midkine as a novel cancer target.” 




Expansion of Patent Portfolio – 07:00:04 14 Aug 2023 – ROQ News article | London Stock Exchange


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